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Talking Smack about 2013

I had quite a nice 2013, but I was contractually obliged to be mean about it for Channel 4 and Channel 5. You can catch up with them if you have nostalgia for George Michael jumping out on the M1 or 'Dogging Tales' and 10 hours to spare. Also sorry if you watched with...

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Fan Fiction Comedy

Whilst I was in Edinburgh I got to take part in one of my new favorite things, the EXCELLENT FanFiction Comedy. An idea from the minds of some funny Kiwi Superdudes where comedians create and then read out FanFiction. It is brilliant. They let me play twice and here...

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013

Hello, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe has been on for a week now and I am having a bloody marvellous time. I've seen Puppets swear, played an actual game of Knightmare, cried when choosing my own documentary, loved it at SPANK, been mystified by the brilliant Ben Hart...

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Digital Shoebox

Today I have been tidying up my computer as a means of procrastination. I discover one fun gif that I had to put up here. In 2011 I did a show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe called 'Triple Threat'. In the show I took a Polaroid of a hot boy that I renamed 'Clint',...

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