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Anna Wintour’s 73 Questions
Zac Efron’s 73 Questions
Jack’s Coming Out on Dawson’s Creek
Kevin’s Cruising story on Vulture
Buzzfeed on Cottaging
Disney Channel Gay Storyline

Couple Fun
Super Mario Odyssey 

This Needs to Stop / Start
Blackett: Over Analysed Trailers
Morgan: Tumblr Controversies

“I sincerely apologize for spamming you all with the Hamilton fanfic controversy, but it’s really giving me so much strength. It’s been a while since we’ve had the kind of scandal that only Tumblr can provide (like the person who robbed graves; the person who mailed their toe to another person so they could make a necklace of it; etc). This scandal is just so fucking good, you know? White American college girl pretends to be a nonbinary Chinese-Pakistani Muslim human-trafficking survivor AND their American WOC wife and they live in India??? And they suffered a miscarriage? And they both have HIV? All so she can scam people out of money and amass kudos on Archive of Our Own for her Hamilton HIV fanfic? And she does this for YEARS? And the person who uncovered it is doing it for revenge because the fake-HIV-fanfic writer made them delete a fanfic about Lin-Manuel Miranda and Thomas Jefferson as cannibal mermaids performing oral sex and unironically accused them of gentrifying cannibalism??? I mean, this shit is fucking gold.”

The Woody Collective

Sex Music
Brydie: Erykah Badu – Tyrone (Live)
Blackett: Dagny – Love You Like That
Morgan: Hayley Kiyoko – Feelings

Thank you to the magnificent Brydie for having fun with us.

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