This week we recorded early on Saturday 24 September, but not as early as we wanted because Blackett needed ‘recording wine’

Here’s what Boysies meant about Spiral Staircases

Couple Fun
Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Read more about why some people are ANGRY

Look at Taron’s Jaw, just like Mii (yes that is the correct gif to use, if you’re reading this in the app, click ‘episode webpage’ but maybe don’t be somewhere too public)


Solo Play:

Boysies: Science Vs 
Morgan: The 2017 Emmys


This Needs To Stop
Morgan: Fucking Gold on Fucking Food – Buy your Ice Cream at Chin Chin Labs
Boysies: We’re not giving him the opportunity to google-wank his way here


Worth Staying Together For
Will and Grace


Sex Music
St. Vincent: Los Ageless


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And finally, the worst theme song lyrics ever.

Girls in tight dresses
Who drag with mustaches
Chicks drivin’ fast
Ingenues with long lashes
Women who long, love, lust
Women who give
This is the way
It’s the way that we live

Talking, laughing, loving, breathing,
fighting, f*cking, crying, drinking,
riding, winning, losing, cheating,
kissing, thinking, dreaming.

This is the way
It’s the way that we live
It’s the way that we live
And love