We’re over half way through the Celebrities’ stay in the Australian Jungle and I am having the BEST time. It’s amazing to be part of this ridiculous and incredible show.

I don’t think it’s possible to imagine the scale of it all. There are hundreds of people on site all day who pull together two live shows overnight (I get in at 10pm and we go live at around 8am) it’s a magnificent feat.

I hope you’re enjoying it all, this year’s cast are pretty amazing, who could have foreseen Lady C? The ITV2 NOW! team are the full on 100% best, I can’t wait to make the next half of the series with them, there are some AWESOME things planned so stay tuned and if there’s anyway you could heat up the UK for my return that would be excellent.

If you want to get involved with the show and Fans Say WHAAAAAT? then send your stuff HERE and you could win an ACTUAL Bushtucker Star, a real one, that might have been licked by Tony Hadley.

Right, I need to get some sleep as god only knows what the camp mates have done after the first elimination

Love you