Filming Safeword was awesome, and most of the celebrities we had on loved it.
(There was one who, once she’d left, decided she didn’t have fun, see episode 2, or the Mirror, or this tweet) .

It starts tonight, July 23 on ITV2 at 10pm with Joey Essex and David Haye in the thrones. Joey was at level 💯 bewilderment, David was… well, you should watch. My teammate was the excellent Andrew Maxwell (he did a joke that was so close to the bone it made me laugh until I barked, I hope you get to see it) and Katherine got to play with Tiffany Stevenson both of whom are irritatingly funny.

All of that plus dream bae Rick Edwards hosting WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT.

If you like it tweet #safeword a lot for me if not, maybe ITV2 isn’t for you.

Love you Dx

ps. You can watch them HERE