Hello, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe has been on for a week now and I am having a bloody marvellous time. I’ve seen Puppets swear, played an actual game of Knightmare, cried when choosing my own documentary, loved it at SPANK, been mystified by the brilliant Ben Hart and pulled a muscle helping to reset the Hot Dub Time Machine.

I’ve also been performing my show Pretty. The people who have come to see it have all been bloody lovely, some of them were reviewers and, whilst I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, they’ve been very kind, especially the one from Chortle.

There’s quite a while still to go and I’m very much looking forward to it. If you’re popping up do please come and say hi at Underbelly Bristo Square at 7pm.

Also if you’re are coming in the last week make sure you see my clock at Comedy Countdown.

Love you