When will I, will I be Virtually Famous?

Everyone’s favourite panel show about those weirdos on the internet ends tonight with a magical Made in Chelsea / Let’s bully Artie from Glee special and I am on Team Walsh. It was pretty special and I got to meet the makers of some of my absolute favorite... read more

No one is Safe.

Exciting times ahead as foolishly ITV2 have decided to let me antagonise a celebrity until they beg me to stop for seven weeks from the end of July. I’m going to be a team captain against my now nemesis the ludicrously funny and beautiful Katherine Ryan in... read more

A little bit off the side, but don’t touch the length.

I got to chat about one of my favourite things, Big Brother on BBBotS with Randy Mare Josie Gibson, Nikki WHO IS SHE? Graham and the very excitingly flirtatious Jimmy Bullard one Thursday evening. If you fancy you can catch up HERE. It was great and as always offered... read more

Chats with Matt and Ellie

My lovely friend Matthew Jeffrey Richardson has a podcast and because he owes me a favour (holding that secret until I really need money) he let me come on and say stuff I shouldn’t have (mum, this is not for you) with the MAGNIFICENT Ellie ‘surely she... read more

All back to ESSEX

You know I bloody LOVE telly, especially reality Telly… WELL, I was asked to go and chat about all the beefs on the new series of TOWIE. It was really great fun but also SUPER AWKWARD. I watched the show with the ENTIRE cast sat behind me, it was the first time... read more

Hot XXX Action

I was really lucky to be asked on to The Xtra Factor for the first of this year’s live shows. It was really really good fun, I got to chat up Brian McFadden and Sinitta gave me a softmint (peppermint). It was excellent (the show, the softmint was as expected). I... read more

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