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All back to ESSEX

You know I bloody LOVE telly, especially reality Telly… WELL, I was asked to go and chat about all the beefs on the new series of TOWIE. It was really great fun but also SUPER AWKWARD. I watched the show with the ENTIRE cast sat behind me, it was the first time...

Hot XXX Action

I was really lucky to be asked on to The Xtra Factor for the first of this year’s live shows. It was really really good fun, I got to chat up Brian McFadden and Sinitta gave me a softmint (peppermint). It was excellent (the show, the softmint was as expected). I...

I’m Possibly of Interest.

The adorable Gazz and terrible Howard had me on their lovely podcast, Possibly of Interest. You should listen. I talk about instagramming food, selfie sticks and weddings. It’s funny – subscribe to all of them they’ve had some awesome people...

All tapped out

Hey I was  lucky enough to be asked on to the ITV2 show Viral Tap and got to play with the awesome Matt Richardson, Caroline Flack and Carly Smallman. It was great fun picking through the 100s of clips people sent in and finding a way to give a terrible pun £1000. I...

Talking Smack about 2013

I had quite a nice 2013, but I was contractually obliged to be mean about it for Channel 4 and Channel 5. You can catch up with them if you have nostalgia for George Michael jumping out on the M1 or ‘Dogging Tales’ and 10 hours to spare. Also sorry if you...

Fan Fiction Comedy

Whilst I was in Edinburgh I got to take part in one of my new favorite things, the EXCELLENT FanFiction Comedy. An idea from the minds of some funny Kiwi Superdudes where comedians create and then read out FanFiction. It is brilliant. They let me play twice and here...

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